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Nick, otherwise known as IDICBEER40k, or simply IDICBEER, across the online miniature painting community, is a model painter, Necron enthusiast and YouTuber.

The IDICBEER40K YouTube channel features videos documenting his hobby progress, along with some battle reports, tactics suggestions and giveaways. It's this broad range of content that has lead Nick to 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, amassing over 1 million views in the process.

He doesn't do it for the numbers, though, Nick makes videos on 40k because he enjoys sharing his journey with the community, and that's exactly why we caught up with Nick to talk about the hobby and also briefly... Snooker? (yes, Snooker) to delve into his world a little more and find out exactly what lead him to where he is today.

 source: http://idicbeer.blogspot.co.uk

source: http://idicbeer.blogspot.co.uk

Nick has been playing Warhammer 40k nearing 18 years now, with a work colleague introducing him to the game back in 2000. 

"He was playing Tyranids and I used his brother's Ork army. When I saw a Zoanthropes use warp blast to blow up an Ork Buggy, I was hooked."

After being bit by the tabletop wargaming bug, it didn't take long for Nick to act on the urge to delve deep into the world of Games Workshop, and that was that. The birth of the love that Nick is now so fondly known for was here.

"Two weeks later I was in the shop buying my first army. I had no idea what the army I was choosing was going to be like, but the picture on the Codex lead me to my first army love and that picture was... NECRONS!!"

Although a moment I'm sure any reader can relate to, in reality, how many people stick with that first love? Nick is still playing and painting Necrons 18 years later.

Beyond the enticing image on the front of the codex, he grew to love the play style of the army, plus his love for a certain mechanical movie character that may, or may not (we're not pointing any plagiarism fingers, here), bear a slight resemblance to the Necron Warriors. 

"They were a nice and easy army to learn in the beginning with not many special rules and upgrades, and I liked the play style. I am a big Terminator fan too, so I think that may have influenced me."
 source: http://idicbeer.blogspot.co.uk

source: http://idicbeer.blogspot.co.uk

So, getting into the gaming side is one thing... but starting to paint tiny little scale models is a hugely daunting task we can all relate to, albeit even easier these days with the likes of YouTube. Nick told us a little about how he got started, and wasn't afraid to let his artistic side flourish.

"I sort of have an artistic streak, but didn't really use it before the hobby, so seeing all the painted miniatures and how to paint articles in that old black covered Necron Codex was my first inspiration to paint my minis."
"The first models I painted were twelve Necron Warriors. I started with dry brushing (well, it is Necrons! haha). Then, I showed them to my buddy, and his reaction...? "What about the mould lines, Nick?!!" D'oh!"

After learning the mould line lesson the hard way, Nick now has many years experience in the hobby. We wanted to know about his favourite model that he has painted in that time.

"It's my Forge World Avatar. It's a model that I was very scared to paint and it was the model I planned to paint once everything else was painted. However, I did a poll on my channel a few years back and the Avatar was voted for me to paint... so I did!"
"I'm so happy with the work I did on it, and it was that paint job that kick started me thinking - Hey Nick, you can paint anything... well almost"

Not only loyal to his Necrons, Nick has also largely stayed true to Games Workshop and Citadel for his paint supply over the years, although having to deviate due to a change in colour palette being released by them some time back.

"I prefer Citadel paint. That's what I started with and it's just easier for me to get locally. . I was a fan boy back then and wanted to use GW stuff for everything! When GW changed their paint range, I did have to move to Vallejo to get my colour matches for my armies, but generally I still use Citadel."

As you can imagine, Nick has picked up a thing or two over the years, so I figured I'd ask for one key piece of advice for any of you looking to paint their first miniature today.

"Easy answer! Two thin coats, haha. No, what I will say is, take a look at a colour wheel and chose two opposite colours on that wheel as your two primary army colours, that will help the models pop."

Now, the reason I'm even talking to Nick in the first place. YouTube. A while back, Nick found himself in a position where he had quite a few armies to paint, after finding them being sold for cheap via friends and charity shops.

"I found myself also collecting 13th Company Space Wolves and Tyranids. Then, I walked past a charity shop saw a few Eldar models in the window, thus starting a new Eldar army."
"This was back in 5th edition where Eldar seemed a hard army to play. They were a lot different to my other armies, and to be fair, I was losing badly with the army, week in, week out."
 source: http://idicbeer.blogspot.co.uk

source: http://idicbeer.blogspot.co.uk

Not finding much luck with his new army, Nick headed to the world wide web for advice on fielding his newly acquired 5th Edition Eldar.

"I was on a forum and someone linked to a Fritz 40k video, so I learned from Fritz how to play and win with Eldar! Fritz was my inspiration from then on, not just with the game tactics and army list building, but with YouTube and a Blog. Thus the IDICBeer Channel/Blog was born."
"At first I uploaded once a week, mainly a battle report, then I started showing my Necron units off and built up the channel from there. I gained 89 subscribers in the first year, but more importantly to me, I was enjoying it."
"Back in those days I was pretty secretive, keeping my identity hidden. In actual fact I didn't show my face until I got to 2k subs and I hardly replied to any comments back then, as I just didn't know what to say. When I hit 2k subscribers I decided to go in front of the camera and give my channel some personality, this was when I started to get involved with the community side of the hobby as well and in turn my channel grew at a much faster rate."
"I now have just over 10k subs and nearly 1.5 million views."

Lastly, at Hobby Hoard we like to curate monthly paint-a-long playlists as personally, that's what we listen to while we paint! It's a great interest of us what everyone else enjoys while painting, and when we spoke to Nick about it, we found he prefers having some added visuals in the background.

"I don't watch much else other than hobby YouTube videos! I like supporting and following along with people's work and having those videos on as I paint is always nice."
"The only exception is if the Snooker is on the TV, that always takes priority as I am a big fan of the game and play whenever I can..."

Not wanting to leave you hanging, we did get one last bit of information from Nick to end on...

"I will answer this for you now as it's always on peoples minds... my highest break is 83."

Thank you all for reading, and thank you to Nick for your time.


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