March Hoard Product Rundown

Once again, every hoard we had for March was sold out, we literally can't keep up with the amount of people who want to get involved! Also, if you won a free Tabletop Tyrants carry case this month, make sure you post a pic on social media and tag it with #HobbyHoard!

We went pretty experimental last month, which we understand isn't for everyone, so we wanted to balance it out with some more basic, yet premium supplies for March.

This month we worked with Citadel, Mission Models, Rosemary & Co and War World Scenics to bring you an array of miniature painting supplies, so let's take a look at exactly what you got in the March hoard.


No introduction needed here - Citadel are Games Workshop’s in house producer of paints, tools and models for their games and are arguably the largest supplier in the industry.

Usually, we try and supply you with newer products you may have not previously tried, but we know it’s also nice to keep your shelves topped up with something tried and tested as well.

In your Hoard you will have a selection of Citadel basing skulls, plus two other Citadel products. This could a shade, a technical paint, a texture paint, hero bases or grass tufts.


Mission Models

Established in 2001, Mission Models produce an array of products all produced in the United States, and they boast some of the highest quality paints on the market. In the hoard this month, we’re including two full pots of their HUGE 30ml paints. 

In all honesty, this was an experiment on our side. We would love to know how you feel about receiving premium products, lessening the quantity of items in the hoard as a whole. Be sure to include your thoughts on this when you receive your feedback request e-mail!


Rosemary & Co

Another subscriber favourite returns this month in the form of a Rosemary & Co brush.

They produce some of the highest quality brushes out there, and they’re all handmade right here in the UK. This time around we’ve included a size 0 brush from their Series 401 range.


War World Scenics

Made right here in the UK, War World Scenics manufacture all kinds of products to the modelling world. They're the largest producer of static grass in the UK, however we didn't want to go for static grass in March. Instead, we wanted to go for a few products that haven't been included in the hoard before, regardless of manufacturer. We've included a selection of WWS basing materials, including both ruined bricks and basing slate. 

You can also see the back of the newsletter for a tutorial on how to effectively use the basing slate on your models.


Bonus Re-wind

What's that other product in your hoard you're wondering? Well, we wanted to mark our 6th Hoard with a little flashback. We've included a selection of the most popular products from the last 6 months as an extra products in each box. So, what did you get?! Make sure you show us using #HobbyHoard on Twitter & Instagram.

Up next...


Our next hoard ships on April 4th and features The Army Painter, Vallejo, Kromlech and Micro Art Studios.