February Hoard Product Rundown

You sold us out... again! Every hoard we had for February was claimed with 2 weeks to spare - and it's no wonder!

This month we worked with AK Interactive, AMMO by Mig, Coat D'arms and Plast Craft Games to bring you an array of miniature painting supplies, so let's take a look at exactly what you got in the February hoard.

AK Interactive

The first of three debut Hobby Hoard appearances in this month's hoard, we give you a Size 2 AK Interactive brush, along with a full size, 250ml pot of AK Interactive Water Gel. The Water Gel is a dense gel used to create realistic waters on bases or terrain. Paint the surface first, then apply the gel to create a sense of depth. Leave to dry for 24 hours. It can also be diluted with water or an acrylic thinner to improve it’s flow.

For a further look at just how to use AK Interactive's Water Gel, check out the video below. The video is for their Atlantic Blue Water Gel, but the technique can be applied to any of the variants:

AMMO by Mig Jimenez 

Another Hobby Hoard debutant, we bring you Ammo by MIG’s renowned chipping fluid, plus their fantastic matt varnish. AMMO By Mig are known for producing some of the finest weathering-based supplies in the world, most notably known for their high quality pigments, washes and chipping fluids.

We included a very short, basic tutorial on base colour chipping with the AMMO by Mig Jimenez chipping fluid in our newsletter, however if you want a bit more of an in depth look at that technique, see the official AMMO tutorial below:

Not quite the technique you're looking for? or you just want to go a little further? Well, AMMO have you covered. Check out this other tutorial of a more in-depth chipping effect guide:

Coat D'arms

Known for being the original, old school, Games Workshop paint brand and a clear subscriber favourite from back in November 2017, we had to get Coat D’arms back in the hoard.

Three paints have been included in a variety of colours. No tutorial needed here, but do remember that Coat D’arms paints are already pretty thin, so you won’t need to water them down too much - simply apply multiple thin coats as you would a normal paint and admire the smooth finish!

Plast Craft Games

It doesn't happen too often, but we LOVE including scenery where we can, and you’ve been calling for it, so we had to deliver!

Plast Craft Games, although mostly known for designing and creating pre-painted PVC supplies for Wargaming Tables, also have an incredible range of assorted resin fantasy scenery pieces, so for February, they are in the hoard for the first time with one of their Fantasy Wargaming Barricades!

So, all in all, you've got an AK Interactive brush, a 250ml tub of AK Interactive water gel, three Coat D'arms paints, an AMMO by Mig Jimenez pot of matt varnish, plus a bottle of their chipping medium and last but not least, a barricade from Plast Craft Games.

Thank you for joining us once again, and we'll see you next month!

Next up...


Our next hoard ships on March 4th and will contain products from Citadel, Mission Models, Rosemary & Co plus WWScenics - and you only have until February 28th to claim it!