January Hoard Product Rundown


Happy new year! We are over the moon that you are choosing to see the new year in with a January hoard, and we hope we get you on the right track to getting started on your new army for the new year!

For January we worked with The Army Painter, Flames of War, Kromlech & Vallejo to bring your the first hoard of the year. Unfortunately, due to issues with the supplier, we were unable to include Plast Craft Games in this hoard which we addressed on our blog previously.  

As always, we hope you like the supplies and look forward to seeing all of your pictures and tweets using #HobbyHoard!

Have a lovely January, and we’ll see you next month.

The Army Painter

Denmark-based The Army Painter are a staple in most miniature painters’ hobby stations these days, and they provide incredible quality products that we cannot get enough of.

For January, you will have received an Army Painter Psycho brush, perfect for those fine, tiny details. You also will have received an Army Painter Strong Tone - a miracle worker that will make even the most basically painted miniatures pop on the tabletop. You may have also received two small pots of Army Painter basing flock, or a pack of Army Painter Battlefields XP tufts.

Flames of War

A tabletop wargame produced by New Zealand based Battlefront Miniatures LTD, however alongside their stunning models they produce just about any hobby supply you can think of.

For January, you will have received two Flames of War paints. These could be standard paint, or a shade, or a dry paint. You also may have received some Gale Force Nine basing flock or weathering dust, which are designed for Flames of War but can, of course, be used perfectly on any miniature you wish.


A familiar brand for long-time Hobby Hoard subscribers, and another brand who might be known for their miniatures, but are certainly no slouch when it comes to great quality supplies such as basing accessories and weathering powder among other things.

For January, you will have received a small mixed bag of Kromlech resin bottles. This could include human bottles, ork bottles or alchemic bottles. 


Among the most revered brands in the industry, Vallejo are more than likely no stranger to you at very least in name only. Now you get to add some of the finest quality paints available to your hobby station.

For January, you may have received some Vallejo paints, or a large Vallejo wash, or a combination of both!

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Our next hoard ships on February 4th and will include Coat D'arms, AK Interactive, Ammo by Mig and Plast Craft Games.