An Update: Your Current Subscription, Future Subscriptions & Beyond


As a new year begins, we thought it would be a good idea to get you all up to speed with some plans we have moving forward. Each major point is broken down below, and if you have any further questions - do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form in the navigation above.

Since launching in September we have been taking feedback from each and every one of you regarding your subscription, and we have decided that we will be rolling out some changes at some point through the first half of the year, so we wanted to tell you about some of them as well as some important news in general.

Botched Shipping Emails

This is a problem we have been facing since November, and there seemed to be no end to it. Subscribers are either receiving their shipping emails way off the actual shipping dates, sometimes having already received their delivery by the time the email comes through, and others are just flat out not receiving shipping emails. This is a problem we have now all but fixed. You may still get a delayed shipping email in the coming days regarding your December box, however the shipping email for your January box on January 4th should arrive bang on time - and that SHOULD be the end of that issue. 

More Giveaways

Apparently you all like it when we give things away for free... who knew?! December marked our first competition month, in which we handed out two random winning tickets which were assigned to a free one month subscription, and a free three month subscription respectively. On top of that, we ran a secret competition for whoever had used the #HobbyHoard the most on Instagram, which was claimed by Michael. As a prize, we gifted Michael a Citadel miniature, and this is certainly a competition we will look to return to - so make sure you're using #HobbyHoard for all of your miniature painting endeavours. 

More Value & Tracked Shipping 

Currently, as you're aware, we offer free shipping on our subscriptions within the UK. We also offer a discounted shipping rate for worldwide international orders. Numerous subscribers have showed an interest in paying extra for tracked shipping, which isn't something we have previously included in order to keep the price of the subscription down.

Soon, we will launch a re-structured price model which will not only allow us to put more value in each box, but also enable you have tracked shipping on your subscription for as little extra cost as possible. If you have an active subscription at the time we launch this, your subscription will not be affected. You will only notice the change at your next renewal.

However, as this improvement is NOT currently launched we are going to be giving everyone tracked shipping at no extra cost for January's shipment, so while we're working on launching our new pricing model, you'll be saving money in the meantime!

February Brands

Due to the holidays, a lot of companies close their doors between Christmas and new year. This is expected, and has made it difficult for us to confirm all the brands which will be included in February's box. Because of this, we are holding off on February's brand announcement until January 8th 2018. Normal brand announcements on the 1st of the month will resume in February!

January Brand Change

Unfortunately, due to a supplier issue we are now unable to includ Plast Craft Games in our January hoard. We are just as gutted as you are, and will be working extra hard to get them back in a box as soon as possible.

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