December Hoard Product Rundown


We are back once again to top-up your hobby station with some much needed supplies over the holiday season! For December, we announced that we would no longer be putting themes on our monthly hoards, instead focusing on the quality of the supplies inside.

On November 1st we also announced that December would include products from Darkstar, Micro Art Studio, TTCombat and of course, Citadel.

We hope you like the supplies and look forward to seeing all of your pictures and tweets using

Have a lovely holiday season, a wonderful new year and we will see you in January!

2017-12-15 10.01.14 1.jpg


We included a Citadel Dry paint, Citadel Layer paint, Citadel Texture paint, plus a Citadel Painting Handle - plus our monthly brush is a Citadel Medium Layer brush.

We wanted to take a break from introducing you to new things, just give you something for Christmas that we already know you absolutely love!

Citadel Dry paint variations included Hellion Green, Changeling Pink and Skink Blue. Citadel Layer paint variations included Doombull Brown, Lothern Blue, Altdorf Guard Blue and Fenrisian Grey. Instead of the Painting Handle, you may have recieved Citadel Middenland Tufts or the Citadel Palette Pad.


Darkstar are a UK-based miniature model company who are known for their astonishing metallics range ‘Molten Metals' - perfect for armour, weapons, treasure... just about anything to you want to shine! Included in the December hoard you may have received Platinum, Polished Copper, Fine Gold or Tarnished Steel.

Micro Art Studios

Long-time subscribers of Hobby Hoard will be no stranger to the level of quality of Micro Art Studio bases. After a great reaction in October, the Polish based company is back in the hoard this month. Included in the December hoard you may have received either Winter Shale bases, Wasteland bases or Ancient Ruins bases.


Once again a familiar name to our day-one subscribers, though the product inside may not be exactly what instantly comes to mind when you think of the UK-based MDF-terrain specialists. We included a pack of TTCombat's mesh wire. Originally we wanted to only included one roll as a tester amount, however once you really think about everything you can do with this stuff it seemed only fair to give you the full pack. 

2017-12-15 10.01.13 1.jpg

This is perfect wire mesh for decorating scenery, making fencing, adding to bases... the imagination is just about your only barrier when it comes to how you can utilise this wire mesh into your modelling. 

And that rounds us up for December!

Until next time.

- Joe & Hanna

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