November Hoard Product Rundown


November has finally rolled around and with a new month comes a new theme (for the last time in the foreseeable future at Hobby Hoard, click here to read more about that).

For November, we've curated a box full of supplies to give your miniatures a mystical tinge, with our Ancient Egyptian themed box - HIEROGLYPH, including items from Coat D'arms, The Army Painter, Vallejo, Kromlech and Rosemary & Co.

Below you can see a full list of what was available in the hoard this month, including all the variations. 

Thank you so much for subscribing, we hope you all enjoyed your hoard and we’ll see you next month for our December hoard, featuring Citadel, Darkstar, Micro Art Studio & TTCombat.


We included three Coat D'arms paints. If you're not familiar, Coat D'arms is actually known for being the original paint manufacturer for Games Workshop, so a lot of the Coat D'arms range are in fact exact colours you would have found in Games Workshop some time ago. 

The main selection is Light Blue, Desert Yellow and Mid Stone. You also could have gotten Bavarian Blue, Wizard Blue or Festering Brown. As always, if you're not used to these paints, before doing anything, do the following three things - shake them, shake them and shake them again.


A favourite here at Hobby Hoard, we thought we'd included some Army Painter for the second month in a row. This time, we included some Plastic Glue, Model Tools, Warpaint: Greedy Gold, and Quickshade: Blue Tone. 

We don't like going too advanced with the supplies generally, however if you're looking at the modelling tools wondering what an earth you're going to do with them, we assure you they will come in handy at some point when you get to doing things like conversions and using "Green Stuff". Until then, they do actually also come in very handy for applying textured paint to the base of your miniatures.


Kromlech weathering powder is great for creating very realistic weathering on your models. This can be used straight from the pot or thinned down first. If you're not familiar with using weathering pigment, consult the internet for a tutorial. The main selection is Kromlech's Beach Sand weathering powder, however alternatives included Brick Dust, Dark Sand or Pale Earth.


Another favourite of not just Hobby Hoard, but miniature painters all over the world - we included a Vallejo wash. These pots are huge, great quality, great value and they should last you a while. The main selection is Dark Yellow, with alternatives including White Wash and Light Rust.


Rosemary & Co have been hand making brushes for over 30 years, based in Yorkshire, England. Their brushes are of the finest quality, and we've included a custom Hobby Hoard: Hieroglyph printed Series 768 Flat Brights Sable Mixture Brush, size 4.

Unbranded Extras 

As we mentioned previously, we try not to overload the hoard with more advanced supplies - however, we thought we'd provide you with a mini Hobby Hoard paint mixing essentials kit.

You've got three 10ml empty squeeze bottles (self-sealing), three pipettes and 6 paint agitators. So give it a go! Mix some paints up, stick them in a bottle, give them a shake and see what you get! You might stumble upon that perfect highlight shade you've been looking to get for so long.

Also, do note that we including 6 agitators rather than 3 so that you can use them on some of your existing paints. We've found they particularly help The Army Painter paints shake up nicely.

Until next time!

- Joe & Hanna

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