Hobby Hoard to Ditch Monthly Themes, 4 Brands Announced for December


Hobby Hoard recently announced via social media that we will be ditching the monthly themes we launched with back in October, instead, the first day of the month will feature a full brand reveal for the upcoming box. 

On the first day of the month, we're sure most of you are aware we normally announce the next month's theme - well, we'd like to take this moment to instead announce that themes are going to be disappearing, starting in December.

Although every bit of feedback on the service so far has been positive, we have heard your voices and there are a fair few of you who worry that a theme may not apply to you... so let's get rid of that worry, shall we?

We've had a talk about it and decided that although fun, themes don't offer much more but rather pigeonhole the contents of the box, so why would we want to limit what we can give you?

So, instead of a theme announcement, on the first of the month you get a full brand announcement for the next months hoard - right from the off. We're sure you agree this is far more beneficial to you overall, and we thank you again for using your voices to help us grow and better the service.

So - on that note - subscribe any time during November and you'll get our December box, featuring Citadel, Darkstar, Micro Art Studios and TTCombat.