October Hoard Product Rundown


October has finally rolled around and we’re here to make sure your miniatures don’t go without a fitting look with Halloween fast approaching.

For October, we've curated a box full of spooky supplies and treacherous terrain just in time for the eeriest month of the year including items from The Army Painter, TTCombat, Vallejo and Micro Art Studios, also with testers exclusive to Hobby Hoard.

Below you can see a full list of what was available in the hoard this month, including all the variations. 

Thank you so much for subscribing, we hope you all enjoyed your hoard and we’ll see you next month for ‘HIEROGLYPH’, our Ancient Egyptian themed November box. 

 October's Hoard, unboxed.

October's Hoard, unboxed.

The Army Painter

A huge feature this month and one of the leading brands in miniature painting supplies today. But what did you get? Well; 

'Hobby: Basecoating' Brush

A great all rounder brush from The Army Painter. Really dynamic brush with which it's just as easy to get a fine point for details as it is to cover broad spaces quickly. Essential to the brush collection.

'Battlefields' Flock

Visually striking and easy to use basing flock, either for your miniatures or small piece of scenery. Two tester pots exclusively made for inclusion in this month's Hobby Hoard box have been included, one for ‘Moss Green’ and the other for ‘Ash Grey’. 

'Warpaints: Stone Golem' Paint

Although not as particularly bone chilling as the second Warpaint included, Stone Golem feels like a necessity as you’re going to need it to help with the some of the scenery included in this month’s hoard. Quick, simple tip for all Warpaints from The Army Painter - shake it, shake it and then shake it again, 10x more than you usually would. That's how you're going to get the best results from these paints. Also, be liberal when watering down as the paints are generally very thin already. 

'Warpaints: Necrotic Flesh' Paint

Aah, Necrotic Flesh. Perfect for painting the bodies of any of the living dead that might be emerging from the aforementioned scenery... which brings us to the next item...



'Graveyard & Mausoleum' Scenery Set

Although built with Wild West Exodus in mind, this great MDF scenery set will add a spooky touch to any gaming board. It includes 1 mausoleum, 2 large graves and 9 small graves. Use PVA glue to attach the pieces, other than that follow the instructions included in the packet. 

'Resin Gravestone Set' Tester

Exclusive Hobby Hoard tester bag of TTCombat's fantastic resin Gravestone set, featuring 10 small, detailed, resin gravestones.

Paint Rack

If you'd signed up to our mailing list, you also received this free extra gift! A fantastic paint brush rack that slots together exactly the same way as the Graveyard scenery set. A great place to store all the brushes you're going to be getting from us each month!



'Game Colour' & 'Game Effects' Paints

We're very happy to supply you with two paint pots from one of the most heralded model painting companies in the world, Vallejo - either from the Game Colour or Game Effects range.

Pictured, you can see Game Colour: Plague Brown and Game Effects: Dried Blood. Other variations included Game Colour: Bonewhite, Game Colour: Ghost Grey, Game Effects: Fresh Blood, Game Effects: Rotten White and Game Effects: Vomit.


Micro Art Studios

'Skulls' Bases

Highly detailed resin bases that’ll add a ton of character to your miniatures. Plus, what’s more horrifying than a warlord standing atop the skulls of their enemies? 

Pictured, you can see the set of 5 30mm Wround bases. Other variations included packs of 25mm, 40mm and 60mm bases. 

Subscriber Unboxing

This is an unsponsored unboxing live streamed by one of our very first subscribers, Michael.

You can check out his work, including his fantastic current WIP Armies on Parade entry - at @rabid_dog_studios on Instagram.

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