Community Corner (15/10/17)


It's that time of week where we like to take a look at what all of our subscribers have been up to. Don't forget, use #HobbyHoard for your hobby related posts and we'll include it next week!

Dude's brainz has been splatted!!🤘🏻🤢🤘🏻

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Michael has been working on his entry for the upcoming Armies on Parade event. He used some of his products from October's hoard when putting together some of the Poxwalkers videoed above, which is AWESOME!

Wonderful first box from @hobbyhoard #HobbyHoard #wargames #wargaming #wargamesterrain #miniaturepainting

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Thanks for the kind words Paul! We're very glad you enjoyed your first box.

Thanks for sharing, Steven! We can't wait to see that Daemon Prince sitting atop the 60mm Micro Art Studio base!

I mean, why WOULDN'T you start a DEATH army with all those horrifying additions to your hobby supplies?!  

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