Our December hoard featuring Citadel, Darkstar, Micro Art Studios and TTCombat.

Our December hoard featuring Citadel, Darkstar, Micro Art Studios and TTCombat.

What is Hobby Hoard?

Hobby Hoard is passion project based in Essex, England, looking to enhance the quality and variety in the hobby stations of miniature painters all over the world.

On a month-to-month basis we are scouring the globe to find the absolute essential products you need to help get your models ready for tabletop battle. Each month's hoard could include paints, brushes, basing materials, scenery... the list goes on. The only thing we will not be including are models themselves.

We look to top up your shelves with industry favourites, as well as introduce you to brands and products you may not have otherwise tried. 

If you have any further questions about Hobby Hoard don't hesitate to contact us at via our contact form.


International Shippings adds a fee, but how much?

That depends on where exactly you want us to ship to! Unlike most subscription services, we do ship WORLDWIDE and try our hardest to keep prices down. 

If you want to see exactly how much it costs to ship to your country, simply add a subscription to your basket and select your country to find out.


When do HOARDS ship?

Our hoards ship on the 4th of every month. You'll always be able to see what our next eligible hoard is on the subscription page. The easiest way to work it out is, whatever month you start your subscription, your first hoard will be the following month's. So, start your subscription in January and you'll receive February's hoard first, start it in February and you'll receive March's hoard first.


How are the hoards shipped?

We ship all of our hoards via Royal Mail.


How long will it take to receive my box?

The standard shipping time for a UK hoard is 3 - 5 days from shipment. For international, it will be closer to 7 days. 


What happens if my hoard is lost in the post?

Then let us know, as soon as you can! Luckily, shipments are tracked on our end, so we should be able to get to the bottom of it fairly easily. Beyond that, each situation will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 


How big is the hoard?

Officially, our hoards are classed as a small parcel in the UK. Please note this does mean they will not fit through your letterbox.


Is everything securely packaged?

Of course! It's one of our top priorities to get everything to you in good shape, and we are yet to have an incident where that doesn't happen.


When do I pay for my subscription?

You pay for your first hoard the moment you sign up. 


When does my subscription renew?

After the first hoard, your subscription will renew on the 11th of each renewal month (every month for 1 month subscribers, every 3 months for 3 month subscribers).


How can I pay? Do you accept PayPal?

You can pay using credit / debit card, and absolutely we do! Just select whichever payment method you want to use at checkout.


What will I get in my hoard?

On the first of each month, we reveal what brands the following month's hoard will include. A hoard can include absolutely any miniature painting accessory you can think of. Paint, scenery, basing accessories... but the one thing that is for certain is that every hoard will include a paint brush.


Is everyone’s hoards the same?

The brands will be the same in everybody's hoard, but the actual products may differ. 



Unless explicitly stated, discount coupons are for your first payment only. So, if you join a one month subscription then you get your discount on your first box. If you join a three month subscription, you get your discount on all three of those boxes.


Can I buy a hoard as a gift?

Absolutely you can. Just check the gift box at checkout!


Why don’t you include miniatures in your hoards?

Well, what specific miniatures you paint is a very personal choice, and we understand that. Our aim is to help you get your armies painted, not add another model to your line of grey plastic warriors! Without including miniatures, you get more universal products to put to use on your existing armies.


Do you have an affiliate scheme for subscribers?

We are trialling this at the moment, and would like to open it up to everyone in the future.


I run a YouTube channel / blog / website / gaming club / painting club / local hobby store… can my subscribers / readers / members get a discount?

Potentially. This is again something that we are trialling. Please contact us via our contact form above with further details.